Sunday, April 22, 2007

Richard Bach: The Bridge across forever

This is a book that can be called a romance book. However, for all those readers who have had a chance to read some book by Richard Bach, calling a book just a romance book is an under-statement of the highest degree.
What does Richard Bach write about ? Difficult to describe. He writes about the human soul, about human destiny, about moving forward and backward in one's own life, about trying to be in control of one's own life, about magical encounters in life; but I knew that it is difficult to describe. It is the fluidity of his flow that captures the reader's attention. Fans of Richard Bach treasure his writings, and feel the fluidity of the flow of his work. One of his bestknown and most famous works is 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', but I will write about that book at another time.
The Bridge across Forever is at its base a love story between a man with varied experiences (ex-US Air Force, known writer) who is a strict individualist fighting his own battles (including preventing Hollywoood from perverting his novels when making movies based on these novels), and his love affair and eventual marriage with Leslie Parrish, a movie actress who slowly comes close to him. How they come closer, have their ups and downs (including when the IRS bankrupts Richard Bach and he loses all his books), and eventually become life companions.
Somehow this book has touched a special chord, and this may not be something that too many people feel, but I can read this book again and again. You can read about the author at Wikipedia.

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