Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Pickwick Papers, By Charles Dickens (1837)

Charles Dickens is a very famous author of the Victorian era, being popular for his hard look at society, at the depths of human emotions; even his endings, good they may be, are bitter-sweet. He wrote a number of famous books such as "Great Expectations", "A tale of 2 cities", "Oliver Twist", "A Christmas Carol". Dickens started his career with the book - "The Pickwick Papers", published (like his many other books) as a serial.
Dickens was fairly young when he wrote the book, being all of 23 years old, and was invited to write a series, loosely connected stories which led to the creation of his first novel, "The Pickwick Papers", the full name being "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club". After publication of the book, there was some controversy with the widow of the illustrator Robert Seymour claiming that the book was based on her husband's idea, but this was something that Dickens denied.

The Pickwick Papers is a collection of stories, about the adventures of Esquire Mr. Samuel Pickwick. He is old, kind, and also the perpetual president of the Pickwick Club, and wants to explore more about life. He sets the club members (3 additional gentlemen Mr. Nathaniel Winkle, Mr. Augustus Snodgrass, and Mr. Tracy Tupman, the additional members of the club) to travel to different areas of England and report on their findings. It is these adventures that provide the detail of the novel..
The meat of the novel is the additional characters that they meet, such as Joe (who eats a lot, and is always asleep), Job Trotter (who pretends to be sleep, but is very clever), Sam Weller (Mr. Pickwick's valet, who grew to be very popular), and Alfred Jingle (a actor, and also a cheat).

The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

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