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Peril at End House (1932) - A book by Agatha Christie - murder for money

By this time, Hercule Poirot was a pretty common character in the novels by Agatha Christie, and in this novel by Agatha Christie, he made his 7th presence (along with Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp). The novel was published in 1932, and was received well with good reviews by newspapers and magazines. The novel was sufficiently complicated with twists and turns that the general public would not be able to figure out who the villain was, and this was what makes a successful book; and so it was with this book. The adventure takes Poirot and Hastings to the Cornish resort of St. Loo, with them having taken up residence at the Majestic Hotel. The main character in the novel, the damsel in distress, stays at place called the 'End House', which is why the name of the novel is as it is.
In this book, Christie also makes reference to some of her earlier novels that featured Poirot, with some of them being The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The Mystery of the Blue Train, and a couple of others.

Hastings and Poirot are at relaxing at a resort, when they read the story of a lost adventurer called Captain Seton (lost when trying to do a round the world flight); then they run into a young girl called 'Nick' (Magdala) Buckley who loves in End House. Then she mentions something that would totally interest Poirot, since she mentions that she evaded death three times in the past 3 days. Then, when she has gone, Poirot examines her straw hat and finds a bullet hole in it, and is convinced that she is in danger, and decides to save her life.
He talks to her later, and finds out the circumstances where she claimed her life was in danger; she is not taking it seriously, but then he mentions the bullet hole in her hat which was made from a Mauser. She owns a Mauser, but is now unable to find it, and this convinces her that her life is in danger. He finds out from her about her life, and what all she owns, including her strained financial circumstances. He finds out more about her friends and relatives, including who would stand to gain from her death.
He gets more involved in a case, and is horrified when one of her cousins, Maggie Buckley, is shot dead (wearing a shawl that Nick was supposed to be wearing); then he finds out that Nick was supposedly engaged to Michael Seton, and could get his estate if he died (which he did), and if Nick died, then all this property would also go to whoever was in her will. And this leads to further investigations by Poirot, and of course, eventually he finds out the truth.

Peril at End House (1932) - A book by Agatha Christie - murder for money

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