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The Seventh Secret (Published in 1985) - Authored by Irving Wallace - What if Hitler was still alive ?

Irving Wallace was born in Chicago, to Jewish parents,Bessie and Alexander Wallace, who had Emigrated from Russia. He completed his studies in California and started out as a journalist at a tender age of 15. He studied creative writing at the Williams Institute in Berkley and from the mid-30s he worked as a free-lance correspondent. In 1941 he married Sylvia Kahn; they had two children. Irving Wallace served in the air force during world war two and later collaborated in several movies as a writer. His first book “Sins of Peter Fleming" did not attract much attention. But his second book influenced by the Kinsey report was abest seller. He has been a prolific churner of best sellers and his books have been adapted as major movies. He died on June 29, 1990.
Seventh Secret is a book on the Nazi past and present with a question mark over the death of Hitler. A well written action thriller, it presents the scenario where Hitler is alive and still heading the SS. Dr. Harrison Ashcroft, a well known historian travels to Germany to excavate the bunker where Hitler has committed suicide. He gets a phone call which informs him that Hitler is alive and well in Germany waiting for the winds to change. But he is killed before he can complete his work. His daughter Emily Ashcroft travels to Germany determined to complete her fathers assignment. She is joined by Rex Foster a dashing Architect, Tovah Levine, a beautiful Mossad agent and Nicholas Kirvov, curator of the Hermitage of Leningrad.

Emily is dogged by unknown assassins as soon as she lands up in Germany and is gallantly saved by Rex Foster. Here Wallace deviates from the plot with the attraction subplot between Emily and Rex. This sexed up encounter take the sheen out of the story. Emily soon in search for clues meets up with Hitler's dentist who gives her information about a lucky charm worn by Hitler and his latest dental caps which not found by the Russians. Soon with the help of Levine, Kirvov and Foster she comes to the conclusion that Hitler had survived the War and used the death of his double to blind fold the world.
Soon the plot unravels with the disappearance of Emily who seems to have been kidnapped. Foster looking for clues in the sixth bunker comes across a thin crack which on further investigation reveals to be the opening to the seventh bunker. There he finds Emily who informs him that it leads to a cafe run by Evelyn Hoffman. Foster drugs Evelyn who spills the truth that she in fact is Eva Brown, the wife of the German despot. Hitler did survive the war and was waiting for the opportune moment to assume power and unite Germany. He died on the same year as JFK and Evelyn has assumed the command of the Nazi's. The story further throws in astonishing details of Hitler's child who leads a peaceful life. Well all this digging for truth is useless because, the entire bunker detonates and Eva and her child escape. So with the proof gone Emily and Rex have only each other to cling to.
The story is loosely written with lot of loopholes fort the reader to latch on. The premise is good but the details are jarring. It is difficult to accept that the proof uncovered by the protagonists are not found by the leading investigative agencies. But still worth your free time if you have a lots of it.

The Seventh Secret (Published in 1985) - Authored by Irving Wallace - What if Hitler was still alive

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