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Mistborn: The Hero of Ages (published in 2008) - A fantasy book, by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is a an American Fantasy writer currently based in Utah. He has a degree in creative writing from Brigham Young University and is currently one of the most exciting science fiction writers around. Nominated for the prestigious John. W. Campbell Award for science fiction twice, he also served on the staff of Leading Edge, a semi-professional speculative fiction magazine. His first novel as Elantris was well received followed by the “Mistborn” series which propelled him to great heights. He has since then established himself with the Alcatraz series and many short stories. Harriet McDougall, the widow of Robert Jordan commissioned Brandon to complete his famed “Wheel of Time” series. At present Sanderson lives in Provo, Utah and is an instructor at the Brigham Young University.
The last book of the Mistborn series is equivalent to a amazing roller-coaster ride. The ups and the downs of the final battle where all the secrets are laid bare is the ultimate book. All through the 749 pages which seems to fly, not a single word is worthless and weighs its role in gold. Vin inadvertently releases a power imprisoned by Lord Ruler in the well of ascension called Ruin. Ruin is the power of destruction which was one of the foremost powers along with preservation in the universe. So with Ruin on the prowl the world is again a more dangerous place to live, mists swirl around this time making people severely ill, and ash continuously fall from the sky.
Vin tries to get through the mists swirling around to get to the bottom of the many secrets held by them. Vin's journey to unravel the metaphysical manifestations of the world takes her in direct confrontation with Ruin. She and Elend move through the normal politics of negotiations and realignment with neighboring counties often gatecrashing high profile parties.

But as Elend understands the nuances of politicking, Vin confronts the powers of the world. She understands the purpose of her chaotic childhood and becomes the essence of Preservation against Ruin.
Elend matures to a politically astute leader attracting followers and also finds time for being a proud husband. His allomantic powers also extends and slowly he becomes a natural Mistborn. But his understanding with Vin, and his trust in her powers along with love helps him to confront Ruin. Sazed, the Terris scholar, and chronicler of religions finds himself adrift after the death of his life. He is in search of the true god and a true religion. Both Elend and Sazed find their faith about the Hero of Ages is the only thing that keeps them going and ultimately this is the faith which helps them to the true word.
As the book moves along, old notions about Lord Ruler as a despicable despot are pushed away and we find reasons for his tyranny. Vin, Elend and Sazed confronts the demons of myth mongering, selfishness, superstitions and destruction of the the world. The lives and secrets of the Kandra, Koloss and the inquisitors are laid bare which helps Elend to find the ultimate metal of Attium. Ruin with his lust of destruction is checkmated by the power of love which lets Vin forget her pain and loss. She becomes the essence of preservation drubbing Ruin to help create a new world with flowers for the survivors.
This book is the ultimate fantasy saga with the most unconventional twist. Great language, greater plot and the greatest of all characterizations keeps this book a real page turner till the end. Alas these adventures are only for Allomancers and its sad indeed to be a simple mortal to watch the Mistborn's save the world.

Mistborn The Hero of Ages (published in 2008) - A fantasy book, by Brandon Sanderson

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