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The Pirate (published in 1974) - A book about the conflict between jews and arabs

Harold Robbins is one of the prolific writers of the 21st century. Born Harold Rubin, his parents were Russian and Polish immigrants. After dabbling in sugar futures he took up a job in Universal pictures which propelled his interest towards writing. Thus came out “Never love a Stranger” which courted a controversy for its graphic sexual content. Soon Robbins would become a prolific writer churning out innumerable best sellers. He had this knack of mixing up a thriller with sex and historical anecdotes to create a taut mystery. The worlds favorite author, Harold Robins would publish over 20 books which is translated in to 32 languages and estimatedly selling over 750 million copies.
Many of his books were made as successful movies, the very first being “A stone For Danny Fisher” which was adapted as “King Creole” starring Elvis Presley. The stories were also made in to mini series and were part of documentaries. Robbins also lived a jet setting life style with cars, wine and women at his disposal. His decadent life style along with those of the high and mighty of Hollywood is often mirrored in his books. Robbins was one of the authors honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of frame. This prolific writer died of a cardiac arrest at the age of 81 in Palm Springs, California.

The pirate is Baydr Al Fay, the rich globe trotting, prostitute seeking, cocaine snorting millionaire who is given a promise by the prince of an unnamed Arab state that his son would inherit the oil rich kingdom. Baydr so is desperate for a son and therefor divorces his poor Arab wife to hook up with blond bombshell Jordanna who bears him two sons. Baydr is an anti father himself, never looking up his children, abandoning his wives and family for pleasure seeking adventures. Schooled in western thought he is more European than Arab except for his antisemitism. Unknown to him he has a Jewish heritage, being the son of a Jewish resistance fighter. Cut to circa 1930, where Samir Al Fay would meet Ben Ezra in the desert with pregnant wives in tow. Both the wives deliver in the desert storm and Ben gives his son to Samir as his wife dies at child birth. Samir raises Ben Ezra's child as his own and gives him the name Baydr.
Baydr with his money and education makes oil riches, as his personal life spirals. His wife Jordanna also experiments with sex with multiple partners and cocaine snorting and application is the norm of the day. But Baydr's estranged Arab daughter, channelizes her rage in to being a Jihadi and kidnaps her fathers family and hold them to ransom. Baydr is helped by the one counter intelligence officer, Ben Ezra, his real father. Soon its terrorist vanquished, and grand reconciliation takes place which is sort of an anachronism after such a racy life. Well its Harold Robbins at his corny best again. So expect graphic sex scenes, female anatomy descriptions, the big O's and homosexual encounters. The drug usage and other paraphernalia may be too much to bear, but still that’s what makes Robbins the most widely published author. The movie was made in to a film starring Franco Nero and Ann Archer. Keep it away from children please!!!!!

The Pirate (published in 1974) - A book about the conflict between jews and arabs

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